Chiang Mai Apartments

Studio99 Aparment Location


Studio 99 Serviced apartments
48 Soi 3 Thapae Road
Chang Klan
Chiang Mai


Studio99 Apartments are situated approximately halfway between Thapae Gate and Chiang Mai Night Bazaar. The Apartments are most easily found if you start on Thapae Road. From Thapae Road turn into Soi 3 (Thapae Rd Soi 3) the lane between Wat Pu Plalam (Temple) and the Orient Thai Airlines office. Proceed down the Soi about 120 meters past Thapae Gate Hotel which will be on your right and then turn right into a smaller bub Soi on the Right. You will see sings for Studio99 Apartments at the entrance to this Soi Studio99 is situated on the left hand side about 50 meters further down the Soi past Thapae Garden Guest-house.

If you can not find us please give us a call and we will can guide you in (or come find you)

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